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Time Card Plus

This Application is a fairly substantial update to the OOB Time Card functionality.

The OOB ‘Time Worked’ field is not an accurate timer, when the browser tab is not active it counts at half speed. As this is the case I decided to create an alternative with added functionality.

The application comes in the form of an Update Set which you can download below.

For any feature requests please leave a comment at the bottom or contact me using the contact page.


  • Only applies to ITIL users
  • New ‘Add Time’ Button on all records that are on tables extended from task. Button can be removed from each table individually.
  • Ability to automatically prompt for time on saving of a record
  • Task time categories so you can run useful reports
  • Set the default Time Category for each table
  • Time Card Plus Admin role allows for setting up the default settings for each task table.



  • For any of this to work you MUST have the ‘Project Portfolio Suite with Financials’ System plugin activated. Without this the application will not work.


Download here



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