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Lot’s of Tips & Tricks I’ve picked up along the way for the ServiceNow Platform

Tips & Tricks

Creating a simple ‘Record Count’ Service Portal Widget

When starting out in Service Portal with custom widgets, it’s a good idea to start out with a simple idea. AngularJS is the JS framework ServiceNow have chosen to use for the ServicePortal, if you haven’t used AngularJS before it probably worthwhile having a read up on it first. There are plenty of tutrials online …

Tips & Tricks

Simple Notification Templating

Whilst ServiceNow has some email templating functionality, I found that it’s was fairly limited and meant that reproduction of work on a regular basis was required. Instead I decided to create a header and footer template that could be reused time and time again. and moreover, a template which was dynamic to the table that …

Tips & Tricks

Connect Chat Worknote Notifications

For some, like myself, worknotes in the system are more useful if they create notifications to ITIL users when tney are added. With this in mind, using Connect Chat can become problematic. Every time a chat message is added against a record in ServiceNow that has worknote notifications, an email is generated and sent. For …

Tips & Tricks

Yes\No to Thumbs Up\Thumbs Down on KB Articles

In the modern age of facebook and social media, users are often used to seeing thumbs up and down when they like or dislike things. ServiceNow Knowledge articles have a feature to rate an article for it’s usefulness/helpfulness. The little UI Macro change here changes the yes and no answer to thumbs up and thumbs …

Tips & Tricks

Editing Reference Field Lookup Views

This is one of those that probably annoys most when developing with ServiceNow. You create a new table, you reference it from another table’s record and you want to change how the list looks. This is where you need to go: https://{instance name}{table name}.do?sysparm_view=sys_ref_list Replace {instance name} and {table name} and you should then see …