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Easy Task Record URL’s

ServiceNow URLs, as we all know, are not the easiest things to look at or work with. With long sys_id values, various other parameters it can be confusing and complicated to share these links around.

Using a very simple UI page you can make these URLs much easier to share around. I have fully commented the code, so if you are new to ServiceNow development hopefully it will be of use to you.

Example URL

Type: UI Page


Client Script

2 Comments on “Easy Task Record URL’s

  1. FYI, if you’re starting with an Incident Number (or any record number) and know the table name, you can always structure the URL like the following:

    So, to access Incident INC0000001 it would look like:

    This should work for any table, but you will obviously have to know the table name being referenced.


    1. That’s good to know Rob, thanks.

      Yes, the use case is one where the there is no need to know the tables class in order to get to a record.

      Thanks for reading.


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