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Connect Chat Worknote Notifications

For some, like myself, worknotes in the system are more useful if they create notifications to ITIL users when tney are added. With this in mind, using Connect Chat can become problematic. Every time a chat message is added against a record in ServiceNow that has worknote notifications, an email is generated and sent. For lengthy chat sessions this can generate a large volume of unwanted email notifications.

To combat this we need to stop an email notification from being sent if the origin of the worknote is from a chat message. after a bit of digging around the base system tables I came up with the following script include that provides a way of determining the origin of a worknote or comment on a record.

Type: Script Include
Name: chatChecker

The on the notifications you’d like to stop when the trigger is a chat message you can add the following code into the “Advanced Condition” field.

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